30 January 2017

Hamburgers and knowledge sharing at Coolblue Tech

In 2014, we created an event called “Behind the Scenes” [BTS] at Coolblue. And over the years, not much has changed. The event starts off with hamburgers at around 18:00, followed by a few presentations about various topics, delivered by people who work at Coolblue Tech. After that, we treat our guests to a tour of the office and show them our cool meeting rooms. To wrap things up, we enjoy a few drinks at our very own bar, located in the cafeteria. Once all of that’s done, there’s only 1 thing left to do: making sure that everyone leaves before midnight. 😉

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4 October 2016

Pizza Sessions

As a young company, we like to learn. In our work, from our colleagues, and in educational settings like workshops and classrooms. Learning is what motivates us; what makes us happy to work at Coolblue.
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14 July 2016

TBT – WinOps London 2016

Part of being a Platform Engineer at Coolblue is that we get to attend great conferences to learn and bring ideas and information into the company. In May, Myself and 5 of my colleagues hopped over the pond to London for the WinOps 2016 [] event. Set in the heart of London City, WinOps encompasses all that is great about Windows Server and the technologies surrounding it.
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