28 April 2016

TBT – Interview with Victor Welling @ PHP-Benelux

In January this year, Coolblue sponsored the PHP-Benelux conference in Antwerp where one of our Technical Pathfinders, Victor Welling was interviewed by Thijs Feryn, the organizer of the conference.

As part of our regular Throwback Thursday nuggets, you can check out the interview here!

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29 March 2016

Growing at high-speed while keeping our culture

Two years ago there were 38 of us in the IT development department of Coolblue. As a company we grew very fast and our backlogs were long and expanding. We had to do something about that and we decided that we wanted to hire 100 more developers. And we did!
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21 December 2015

Converting big PHP codebases to PSR2.

It is known by now that every codebase large enough (in terms of lines of code or people collaborating to it) should follow any code standard. Here at Coolblue we weren’t different and were using our own coding standard.

But codebases evolve. And our codebase – that has been supporting one of the most visited ecommerces in The Netherlands – needed to be upgraded to a coding standard that’s a little bit more up to date.

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8 December 2015

How we built our device lab

In the article how we test our mobile website, we concluded that testing on actual mobile devices is the best way. When we started testing on mobile devices, we put them in a cupboard with USB-hubs to charge the phones and tablets. Not all could be charged at the same time, some devices were not returned, etc. Not very practical right? To solve this, we built a device lab. In this article you will read how we came up with the design and construction
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26 October 2015

Redux: Flux evolved

If you have been reading a bit about React, you probably also saw the name “Flux” come up every now and again. Flux is a unidirectional data flow pattern, and the pattern Facebook created and advises to use with React. Continue reading