23 June 2016

TBT – Powershell Conference Europe 2016

Earlier this year, myself and my Colleague Christopher we’re lucky enough to find ourselves in Hannover, Germany for the 2016 PowerShell Conference Europe [http://www.psconf.eu/]. This event hosts PowerShell lovers from all around the world and really brings out the inner nerd in all of us.
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7 June 2016

A farmer won’t eat what he doesn’t know.

I know, this is a Dutch proverb that doesn’t work in English. It means you dislike things, even though you haven’t tried them. Usually for no particular reason. This blog is about how we internationalized the IT department of Coolblue, and how we taught the farmer to broaden his horizon.
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24 May 2016

Working with multiple teams on one project

To speed up development we decided to work with multiple teams on one of our bigger e-commerce platform projects. We usually work with one team on an Epic or project, so this was a first for us. The switch brought up a lot of questions like; how do we deal with a combined backlog? And how do we keep the teams aligned?

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