26 July 2016

Getting started with the Coolblue customer journey

The customer journey map has been a hot topic in the last few years. It is a tool to identify key interactions that the customer has with the organisation, and to visualize the user’s feeling, behavior and needs at each step in the journey. It helps to tell the story of the customer during different phases of the design process. Like with many other tools, you have to find out how to make it work in the context of your own organisation.
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14 July 2016

TBT – WinOps London 2016

Part of being a Platform Engineer at Coolblue is that we get to attend great conferences to learn and bring ideas and information into the company. In May, Myself and 5 of my colleagues hopped over the pond to London for the WinOps 2016 [http://winops.org/] event. Set in the heart of London City, WinOps encompasses all that is great about Windows Server and the technologies surrounding it.
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7 July 2016

TBT – Visiting Velocity 2016 in California: food for thought

Two weeks ago, my colleague Marijn and I were at the Velocity conference in Santa Clara. We saw 2 days of keynotes and sessions presented by some of the star companies and speakers today. Besides visiting the conference, we had a fantastic week with great experiences, including visiting the Google Campus, San Francisco and Stanford University.
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