29 November 2017

Hackathon: The Aftermovie

During the Hackathon, a group of skilled Coolbluers locked themselves away in a Capuchin Monastery. While there, they worked on their own projects for 48 hours straight—pet projects that usually fall by the wayside.

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13 November 2017

Hackathon 2017: sleep is for the weak

In October, a group of excited developers, data analysts, IT experts, and designers came together to combine their skills. Backed up by a Red Bull supply large enough to keep you awake for a year, they embarked on the Coolblue Hackathon. Locked away in a Capuchin Monastery, these Coolbluers worked on their own, original projects. Continue reading

30 January 2017

Hamburgers and knowledge sharing at Coolblue Tech

In 2014, we created an event called “Behind the Scenes” [BTS] at Coolblue. And over the years, not much has changed. The event starts off with hamburgers at around 18:00, followed by a few presentations about various topics, delivered by people who work at Coolblue Tech. After that, we treat our guests to a tour of the office and show them our cool meeting rooms. To wrap things up, we enjoy a few drinks at our very own bar, located in the cafeteria. Once all of that’s done, there’s only 1 thing left to do: making sure that everyone leaves before midnight. 😉

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4 October 2016

Pizza Sessions

As a young company, we like to learn. In our work, from our colleagues, and in educational settings like workshops and classrooms. Learning is what motivates us; what makes us happy to work at Coolblue.
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