20 July 2015

Continuous deployment of our software

Just developing software is not enough. You’ll need to get it on production and you want to be sure that you deploy quality software and not breaking software. In this article, part of our microservices journey, I’ll describe how we have set up our deployment pipeline in a way that developers can do their own deployment complying to our standards. Continue reading

7 July 2015

Microservices: not a big bang theory

Following up on the previous blog posts on our move to a microservices architecture, this time I want to dive into how to actually manage the transition from monolith to microservices. It may seem like a daunting task, but as with anything big and scary, you’ll find it to be less so once you start bringing it down to a more manageable size. The keyword after all, is micro. Let’s get started!

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13 May 2015

Why we’re moving to microservices

Before we dive into microservices, first a little history lesson on Coolblue’s system architecture and how it has developed itself through the years. This should give you an idea of the landscape we’re dealing with, what challenges were facing and how we believe we can overcome them.

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