20 December 2016

What a PHP developer says he does.

Birthday parties. That fun time for awkward conversations with your fellow ‘we-are-here-for-whatshisface’ partygoers. And it won’t take long before someone asks you: “so, what is it you actually do?” Our PHP Developer always has a foolproof explanation. We asked our PHP Developer, Sander, to answer a few questions that we’re likely to ask him at a party. Maybe we’ll even find out where he buys his birthday presents for a cat.
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23 August 2016

How we use Webpack

Last time at the Behind the Scenes @ Coolblue I talked about Webpack and how we use it at Coolblue. I will walk you through the main subjects to give a basic understanding of what Webpack is and how we use it.

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7 June 2016

A farmer won’t eat what he doesn’t know.

I know, this is a Dutch proverb that doesn’t work in English. It means you dislike things, even though you haven’t tried them. Usually for no particular reason. This blog is about how we internationalized the IT department of Coolblue, and how we taught the farmer to broaden his horizon.
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24 February 2016

From 2015 to 2016!

2015 was good. 2016 will be even better! Can you code like a ninja? Do you love to develop products with UX as main focus? Do you want to work for a company with the motto: Anything for a smile? Check out our vacancies at

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