13 December 2017

First week as Team Lead Tech

Now that we’re nearing almost 3000 Coolbluers, our days are filled with meetings, projects, and the occasional ping pong battle. But what does a working week look like? To find out, let’s pick the brains of a Coolbluer to find out what it is they really do. Our brand new Team Lead, Stef, is here to tell us about his first week.

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29 November 2017

Hackathon: The Aftermovie

During the Hackathon, a group of skilled Coolbluers locked themselves away in a Capuchin Monastery. While there, they worked on their own projects for 48 hours straight—pet projects that usually fall by the wayside.

Want to see how it all went down? Then look no further, we’ve got the aftermovie right here. Continue reading

13 November 2017

Hackathon 2017: sleep is for the weak

In October, a group of excited developers, data analysts, IT experts, and designers came together to combine their skills. Backed up by a Red Bull supply large enough to keep you awake for a year, they embarked on the Coolblue Hackathon. Locked away in a Capuchin Monastery, these Coolbluers worked on their own, original projects. Continue reading

23 October 2017


Here at Coolblue, we can choose our tools from a range of technologies. A while ago, our team started moving from Microsoft MSTest to xUnit.

Although the code change was fairly simple, the build pipeline was tied with the MSTest framework, ignoring the xUnit tests. Between the requests to the deployment team to alter the team’s deployment pipelines, Nathan challenged us to use Cake.
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