14 July 2016

TBT – WinOps London 2016

Part of being a Platform Engineer at Coolblue is that we get to attend great conferences to learn and bring ideas and information into the company. In May, Myself and 5 of my colleagues hopped over the pond to London for the WinOps 2016 [] event. Set in the heart of London City, WinOps encompasses all that is great about Windows Server and the technologies surrounding it.
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7 July 2016

TBT – Visiting Velocity 2016 in California: food for thought

Two weeks ago, my colleague Marijn and I were at the Velocity conference in Santa Clara. We saw 2 days of keynotes and sessions presented by some of the star companies and speakers today. Besides visiting the conference, we had a fantastic week with great experiences, including visiting the Google Campus, San Francisco and Stanford University.
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23 June 2016

TBT – Powershell Conference Europe 2016

Earlier this year, myself and my Colleague Christopher we’re lucky enough to find ourselves in Hannover, Germany for the 2016 PowerShell Conference Europe []. This event hosts PowerShell lovers from all around the world and really brings out the inner nerd in all of us.
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