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23 June 2016

TBT – Powershell Conference Europe 2016

Earlier this year, myself and my Colleague Christopher we’re lucky enough to find ourselves in Hannover, Germany for the 2016 PowerShell Conference Europe []. This event hosts PowerShell lovers from all around the world and really brings out the inner nerd in all of us.
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28 April 2016

TBT – Interview with Victor Welling @ PHP-Benelux

In January this year, Coolblue sponsored the PHP-Benelux conference in Antwerp where one of our Technical Pathfinders, Victor Welling was interviewed by Thijs Feryn, the organizer of the conference.

As part of our regular Throwback Thursday nuggets, you can check out the interview here!

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4 February 2016

TBT: Do{iOS} conference

Together with my manager (and a lot of iOS/Swift enthusiasts) I went to Do{iOS} in Amsterdam. An event organised by Xebia on November 9 2015. There were several interesting talks, with topics ranging from app security (Avoiding damage, shame and regrets) to companies like ING.

Since you can view and download all the presentations, I would like to focus here on the topics that were the most valuable to us in our app development process. Continue reading