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TBT – WinOps London 2016

Part of being a Platform Engineer at Coolblue is that we get to attend great conferences to learn and bring ideas and information into the company. In May, Myself and 5 of my colleagues hopped over the pond to London for the WinOps 2016 [http://winops.org/] event. Set in the heart of London City, WinOps encompasses all that is great about Windows Server and the technologies surrounding it.

More than that, it takes like-minded people from all over the world and throws them together to talk about how DevOps processes and culture are shaping their businesses.

Upon arrival at the conference all the big players in the DevOps space were awaiting us with stickers and goody bags. Chef, Puppet, Octopus Deploy, You name it, If it touches the Windows World and relates to DevOps principles they were there to show you how.

A WinOps Conference wouldn’t be such a thing without lots of talk about PowerShell. And it just so happened to be that the keynote speaker was Jeffrey Snover, Inventor of PowerShell and Microsoft Technical Fellow. Jeffrey spoke about how Windows is changing its focus to the new age of cloud computing and micro-services.

These include technologies such as Nano Server and Windows Server Containers. There was also a large emphasis on getting what you want as an individual professional and the power of being surrounded by like minded colleagues who work together to achieve a common goal.

After Jeffrey’s Keynote we had great presentations on how DevOps culture and processes were shaping all sorts of companies from startups to large enterprises. Some of the key takeaways from these talks included strong focuses on Microservices architecture and building to fail.

During one of the presentations from large scale food delivery service Just Eat, the presenter started to turn off production servers and observe the automation and cloud based managed services take over to ensure their website suffered no downtime.

As we wrapped up the one day event in London we felt as if some of our current DevOps concepts and use of tools had been solidified as great solutions and of course left with a sense of how we can head back to the Office and start to build even better systems.

LondonWinOps (1)

Key points to take away from the conference:

Nano Server Containers will be deployable from Windows Server Core.
This will allow us to to take full advantage of full server via server core but deploy microservices into nano sized servers to facilitate our applications.

Containers will be available on Windows 10 to streamline development.
Because of this, developers will be able to deploy their code into a container running on their own Windows 10 machine. This will allow containerized testing of C# code prior to acceptance testing.

More Windows integration with Linux is on the way.
We love Linux! This is a great step for developers to solidify Windows 10 as the one stop shop for development.

Docker should be on everyone’s list of technologies to learn.
Love learning new things? Learn about Docker.

Aim for microservices approach when doing design considerations of systems.
Ssmall parts making up a big machine. This concept allows us to aim in on small pieces of a complex system to troubleshoot and replace as needed without any fuss.

Test Driven Deployment should be the main path when developing DSC modules.
This concept allows us to to code based on our defined tests. We write the tests first then build the system or code to pass those tests. As we keep coding, we write more tests.

Build, Fail , Learn, Build Better.
Failure is always an option, At Coolblue wWe learn and move forward.

For an overview on the WinOps conference check out this quick clip:

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